1. Five seasons of 2011
    Style stays relatively consistent across seasons in defiance of changing fashion trends IRL: Feather earrings. Feathers in hair. Ombré hair. Clothes are a cross between Chico's and Macy's teen.
  2. Hot people
  3. Jessica Goldstein's Pretty Little Liars Power Rankings on Vulture.com
  4. Defies genre
    A postmodern juxtaposition of melodrama and crime noir. The musical punctuation and storylines of melodrama are accompanied by relatively apathetic acting. No one is actually shocked by anything. Ex) Ashley Benson finds a dead body and just says, stonefaced, "we'll put it in the trunk."
  5. Unpredictable behavior, dropped storylines, etc. force you to accept the chaotic nature of the universe and find peace in that fact.
  6. Living vicariously through the ideal high school experience
    Absent parents, murder, etc.