Update to TSwift's "You Belong with Me."
  1. "She wears Lululemon, I wear Forever 21 Fit."
  2. "She has an iPhone 6, I have an iPhone 4S."
  3. "Her Instagram grid is on fleek, mine are all #nofilter."
  4. "She's a model, I'm a model citizen."
  5. "She Venmo-d you $10, I can't even cash out."
  6. "She drinks Diet Coke, I drink Regular Coke."
  7. "She wears platforms, I wear flatforms."
  8. "She has an HBO Go password, I have a Netflix password."
  9. "She's a health goth, I'm a real goth."
  10. "She has Spotify premium, I have the iTunes Store."
  11. "She has Google Glass, I have normal glasses."