Age of Adaline is a horror movie where hot girls never get old
  1. If my mom looked like that and never got old, I would kill myself.
  2. She's every man's wet dream; she never gets old and she likes sports.
  3. I've never hated a movie character more.
  4. She is less sympathetic than any portrayal of a serial killer.
  5. Shoot me. Actually kill me.
  6. Hot girls are worried about getting "too close" to hot guys.
  7. Hot girls never overstay their welcome. Hot girls always leave them wanting more.
  8. If I said something was beautiful, no one would ever look at me and think that I was beautiful. This moment is for hot girls only.
  9. If you're a hot girl, you can be crazy and shitty and it doesn't matter.
  10. She hasn't had sex in like a hundred years, she's probably terrible in bed. But it's fine, hot girls just lie there, everyone knows that.
  11. That's how you make men want you: you say you like books and silence.
  12. Yeah Audrey, I know he's "kind of hot for being old" that's Harrison Ford he's made hundreds of millions of dollars being hot
  13. He acts like he got hot late in life. He has low self esteem.
  14. They should put a trigger warning on this for 50 year old women
  15. I'm going to write a movie, it's Age of Adaline but starring me. I use my 120 years of life to learn to be hot and I go from being me to being Olivia Munn.
  16. Alternate title for this film: 120 years with no weight fluctuations.