GOODBYE TEEN YEARS GOODBYE RELEVANCE. K I'm not delusional these are basic life things I don't think I'm wise I know I'm 20 okay relax
  1. Everyone's a person.
  2. Everyone just wants to care about something a lot.
  3. But not everyone is well-meaning.
  4. Driving is great.
    A+ would recommend
  5. BFF fights are never worth it.
  6. I should, like, chill.
  7. I look fine.
  8. I hate texting.
  9. I could be happy living somewhere other than LA.
  10. My parents are people.
    Weird to realize
  11. The worst thing that can happen has to be being lonely.
  12. Smoking gives you lung cancer and a lot of other health problems but it also makes you feel comfortable and cool at parties.
  13. No one is that cool.
    Even people smoking at parties.
  14. Genuine niceness is profoundly underrated.
  15. You do owe everyone your best self.
  16. Crying will not get me out of a speeding ticket (the first time or the second time)
  17. No one has it figured out in all areas of their life and many people don't have it figured out in any areas of their life.
  18. Maturity is having a strong sense of obligation.
  19. I want to spend all day with someone or I don't want to see them at all.
  20. Not all attention is good attention.
  21. It's fine to not know how to deal with something that's never happened to you before.
  22. There's rarely one thing that can make or break a relationship.
  23. Everyone will think of you as a silly teenage girl until you're old and then they don't care about you because you're old.
  24. No one gets it and everyone gets it.
  25. Anything I say sincerely now will be decent satire in around 2 years.
  26. Marbury v Madison established judicial review.