I don't think before I speak.
  1. "Yeah but it's not on Facebook."
    You told me your birthday was a week ago.
  2. "You'd probably be four inches taller if you didn't."
    You told me you had an eating disorder in middle school.
  3. "Are you talking about your mom?"
    You said something about AA and you were not talking about your mom.
  4. "At least he did it at the beginning of summer."
    You told me your boyfriend of 4 years broke up with you.
  5. "Yeah he is hot."
    You told me he was the first person you really liked and you didn't know if you'd ever feel that way again.
  6. "Yeah it's great. A+ would recommend."
    You said you'd never been in love and had never really felt a connection to anyone before. You didn't know if you ever would.
  7. "That would have been a great date if I had been with someone else."
    You were reminiscing on that day we got coffee and went to the bookstore.
  8. "Just take a left and it'll be on the righthand side."
    You asked me for directions and I didn't hear where you wanted directions to.