I'm going to find myself
  1. Listen to music
  2. Listen to podcasts
  3. Flip off strangers in other cars
    Just looking for any sort of human interaction really
  5. Get bored and speed
  6. Watch rearview mirror for cops
  7. Space out
  8. Think about life
  9. Think about how maybe the timing was right for you to fall in love but it wasn't right for you to be together
  10. Think about how introspective you are
  11. Think about how ironic it would be to get pulled over while listening to Wu-Tang Clan's "Keep Watch"
  12. Get pulled over while listening to Wu-Tang Clan's "Keep Watch"
  13. Cry to get out of speeding ticket and have that not work
  14. Get speeding ticket
  15. Cry for real because of speeding ticket
  16. Take crying selfie while worrying about getting a ticket for distracted driving
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  17. Think about how distracted driving has to be the worst way to die
  18. Listen to audiobooks
  19. Get bored and speed