2016 was without a doubt the worst year of my life so far but there were some good parts
  1. Seeing Oh Hello on Brodway
  2. this
    it doesn't seem like much but it's one of the most meaningful messages I've eve received
  3. Meeting Chris Thile
  4. Becoming friends with people from List
    I joined October 15 but didn't really get close with anyone until this year
  5. My friends throwing me an NBC themed going away party
  6. Getting a surprise setlist after an Avett show
  7. Getting to see friends when I went back home for funerals earlier this year, they really do make things easier
  8. Meeting Grant Lee Phillips
  9. Being in Chicago for the first snow of the year and eating homemade pasta at my Aunts house
  10. A friend from home coming to D.C. on her way home to Denmark
  11. Taking a Road Trip through Virginia with a friend I had just met in person the day before
  12. The Cubs winning the World Series