Many moons ago Joe Pesci sat behind me at an Italian restaurant called Annabella's
  1. He must have great taste because Annabella's was amazing and then it got moved to a stupid new location AND THEN IT CLOSED AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT
  2. This blonde haired kid kept coming in and shuffling things around in different areas of the restaurant, he appeared to be unsupervised
  3. At one point a tall skinny man walked in and sat with Joe and the two of them started scheming, I only remember faint pieces of it but they were saying something about "breaking and entering"? Who knows what that means.
  4. At one point a large woman with pigeons all around her wandered through the middle of the restaurant, seems like a health code violation but really who's to say
  5. As he was leaving him and the tall man got hit in the head with flying paint cans and blowtorches