Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and everything in between
  1. Boulder City is where I lived most of my life and it's home.
  2. Boulder City is the town that built the Hoover Dam and is about a 30 minute drive from Las Vegas and between the two is Henderson aka: where to get everything when you live in BC
  3. Boulder City Overview
    Boulder City is a very small, close knit town with it's basis in tradition and way too many antique shops. Everyone knows each other and community is a big deal. Most school aged people are focused on getting out and never returning but at the end of the day Boulder always has your back and it's home.
  4. FOOD- Boulder City
  5. Pit Stop
    Pit Stop is a must for every visitor to BC. A true Boulder City staple, Pit Stop is frequently visited by middle and high schoolers, ESPECIALLY after exam days. But people of all ages frequent the restaurant. The food is pretty basic, burgers and fries and things like that but we love it and our economy would most likely crumble without it.
  6. Grandma Daisy's
    Grandma Daisy's, like Pit Stop is an essential Boulder City stop. Originally located next to the historic Boulder city theatre, one of the reasons it's so popular is because everyone and their mother goes there after the dance recitals. Now located on the downtown street (yes our down town is basically one street) it's still frequently visited and beloved by everyone.
  7. Coffee Cup
    Yep, you guessed it. Another BC staple. This breakfast and lunch restaurant is our local diner and is always packed with locals and visitors, also located on the same street as Grandma Daisy's. It's decorated to look like you could be in a surfing town in California, there's always things to look at on the walls.
  8. Static
    Little anecdote for you: I was there it was the day that season 7 of Parks And Recreation came out on Netflix and my friend and I decided to in celebration ask for all the bacon and eggs they had.
  9. Milo's Inn and Cellar
    Milo's is located on the same street as Grandma Daisy's and has fantastic hummus and pita bread. I always get a turkey sandwich on a croissant with avocado and it never disappoints. A lesser known fact is that Milo's really is an inn and that part of it is beautiful. If you are staying in BC I would highly recommend checking it out.
  10. Static
    A photo of the inn area
  11. The Dillinger
    This is where you could find me frequently. They have live music all the time ( hence my being there) and fantastic burgers. If you want burgers but aren't looking for something like Pit Stop, go here.
  12. The Brew Pub
    My best friends family owns the pub so I've spent a lot of time here. They also have live music sometimes and great pub food. My favorites are the chicken tortilla soup and spinach and artichoke dip.
  13. THINGS TO DO- Boulder City
  14. There is really nothing to go out and do most of the time. Most people just hang out with their friends at their houses or restaurants and drive around. The parks can be nice in the fall or early spring of you have kids but excitement wise we kind of fall short. If you are into the desert you can drive around or hike which some people really enjoy.
    Mojave Desert. It's not usually red like this, but it is over by the construction area.
  15. Holidays
    We have the best Fourth Of July firework display and we are proud of the fact that no one does the fourth like we do. There's a parade in the morning that everyone goes to plus lots of class reunions and food. We also have a Christmas Parade called Santa's Electric Light Parade which every town resident has been in at least once, but probably more. Same with the Fourth Of July parade. And oh look! You can watch the whole parade here
  16. Festivals
    We have some festivals such as art in the park, spring jamboree, doodlebug bazaar, Wurstfest,Beerfest, they all have different names but are essentially the same. You can't walk ten feet without seeing someone you know at these things. If you are in town come on over and check them out.
  17. Boulder Theatre
    The Theatre is owned by Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball's son who appeared on an episode of The Brady Bunch. There is lots of I Love Lucy merch in the lobby and it's an interesting BC fact. Desi runs lights for all the dance productions. Dance etc... The local dance studio puts on two big productions every year along with a holiday performance of the nutcracker. These shows are a big deal and a big production. I have been in many over the years and it's part of growing up in BC.
  18. Static
    It's always funny to me that Desi was on The Brady Bunch because I've never thought from him as someone famous. Fun fact, before it was a performing arts theatre it was a movie theatre and my dad worked there in high school.
  19. Lake Mead Lookout
    If you are going down Nevada Way (the Main Street that all those restaurants are on) and keep driving past Government Park and past the Interior Building, right behind it you will come across some stairs leading up to a concrete platform and you can sit there and look at the great view. Pictured above is government park and the building in the background is the Interior building.
  20. Static
    This was taken from a car, not the lookout point but it's about the same as the view you would get.
  21. Schools- Boulder City
    Boulder City High School was started in 1941 and is truly the greatest high school to ever exist. It's very very small and everyone knows each other. Teachers can become great friends and it's bursting with tradition. It's one of my second homes and I will love it forever and always bleed blue and gold. All the other schools in the city have high ratings and are essential to the BC experience.
  22. I have a personal problem with the CCSD school district however, which involves among other things,them tearing down Boulder City High School despite student and faculty protests but I won't get into that now because that's not what this list is for.If you want to know more you are welcome to request a list of I'll probably end up making one anyway
    This is Boulder City High School before the remodel
  23. Henderson Overview
    Henderson is a much larger town and is separated into Henderson and Green Valley. Green Valley is typically nicer and is where the Whole Foods is located. It's not so much a separation as a section of town? Henderson is where you get all your shopping done and where most restaurants are located and that's what it's mainly used for. There aren't too many things to do. There are lots of schools and they are all on the bigger side.
  24. FOOD- Henderson
  25. Settebello
    Heaven in a pizza. Settebello has the best neapolitan style pizza in Nevada, not to mention a great insalata salad. You really can't go wrong. If you go to Henderson you have to go. I recommend margarita pizza and be sure to ask for the spicy oil. I also recommend going at night because you can walk around a super nice small outdoor park with lights on the trees😍 and stop by whole foods on your way out or for some dessert to eat at the park.
  26. Metro Pizza
    Another great pizza place, not Neapolitan style. They have the best bread I've ever tasted and also the best salad (more on that in a second) it's a kid friendly place and they will give your kids raw pizza dough to play with while you wait. But it's not at all trashy or low quality or anything like that. It received the best of Las Vegas award pretty much every single year. THE SALAD is to die for. Get the one with pears and candied walnuts. The dressing alone will
  27. cont..
    cause you to faint from happiness. And I say this as someone who typically turns into stone and crumbles at the sight of oh god... Is that a vegetable?! I miss it so much and I will accept a gift of metro pizza salad dressing from everyone. Before you go check out the calendar to see if you qualify for a discount or special.
  28. Lindo Michoacan
    Go here for amazing Mexican food and an amazing view. Their soapa de fido could be considered the eighth wonder of the world. It's often busy at night so if you have a large party call ahead. I've been coming here and to their previous location, Viva Michoacan for as long as I can remember and I had my 8th birthday party there. Pictured above is a picture taken a few years ago of the view from the restaurant
  29. cont...
    8th birthday at their old location
  30. Rubios
    Rubios is a chain of fresh Mexican food only found in sections of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. Their fish tacos are AMAZING and I say this as a person who can't stand sea food. Great for when you don't have a lot of time but don't want to feel gross. One time when I was in elementary school the person who was supposed to pick me up from school forgot to ( it was totally fine) and that night we went here. I also went there after I broke my arm the second time and I
  31. cont...
    have sifted through their trash to find a retainer. So yeah, you could say we have a history.
  32. Weiss Deli
    Bagels Bagels Bagels. The best place for bagels in southern Nevada and they also have great chicken noodle soup. It's the best kind where the chicken is kind of stringy? That sounds weird but I think you know what I mean. They are also not stingy with their cream cheese portions and that's always important. Bonus it's located right next to Trader Joes so you can grab a quick bite before shopping. I once went here on an overcast and rainy day and it was so calm and nice.
  33. cont...
    Weiss is also featured in this by @foursquare !!! America's Best Jewish Delis
  34. Taco Y Taco
    My most recent discovery on this list. Found this place a few years ago and the best time to eat here is late at night. It's a cheap but delicious Mexican restaurant where everything is á la carte. I remember one time my dad and I were bored around midnight so we decided to drive half an hour to Taco Y Taco and neither one of us regretted it.
  35. Carmine's Little Italy/Villa Pizza
    I went to Villa Pizza for years and years and years when they were in their old location. They closed a few years ago but then, to my relief opened up a smaller location. My favorite thing here is the Pasta E Fagoli. I haven't been able to find anything even as close to as good anywhere else. It's food, like every other place on this list, is home. The picture is of the old location.
  36. The Cracked Egg
    A great place for breakfast. It's located close to Settebello and Whole Foods which are both at the entrance of town. Great home fries and grilled cheese which is what I always get but everything else is always very good as well. If you are coming after church on Sunday you have to call ahead.
  37. THINGS TO DO- Henderson
  38. The District
    The district is my favorite place in Henderson, especially at night. One thing that you should know about me is I love lights at night. I always have and I always will. One year I took homecoming pictures there and they all turned out great. The district has lots of stores and restaurants and it's just a nice place to walk around.
  39. Static
    This is the place I was talking about by Settebello. It's also in the district and it's overwhelming how pretty it is at night.
  40. That's really all I can think of in Henderson. It's mostly restaurants and stores, not much else except for houses
  41. Las Vegas Overview
    They say Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World but don't be fooled. While it's definitely improving with the recent addition of the Smith Center and Container Park if you've seen all the casinos and really couldn't care less about them or drinking heavily, Vegas probably isn't the place for you. There aren't too many great restaurants I've found and there are virtually no activities to do with kids. It's one of my least favorite places I've ever been.
  42. FOOD- Las Vegas
    I'm sorry, there's honestly not much that I know of. It's kind of a long drive to just eat on a random night and it's much easier to stick to your normal places
  43. Luna Rosa
    Hands down one of the best Italian restaurants I've ever been to. Located in Lake Las Vegas (which is technically Henderson) all the food here tastes very fresh and the service is always great. I wild recommend the ravioli.
  44. Burger Bar
    Burger Bar is located inside the Mandalay Bay casino. It's owned by Hubert Keller and has great sweet potato fries. It's right across from a Lush which I know a lot of people like. It's funny, I went in there for years just to look at stuff and it just became big recently and it took me a while to realize it was the same place.
  45. THINGS TO DO- Vegas
  46. The Smith Center
    The Smith Center is a pretty new edition to Vegas and really helps to make it look nice and classy which it is typically not. I have seen Natalie Merchant and Ira Glass there. There is a nice little park/ area of grass next to it.
  47. Container Park
    Another recent addition Container park is a "Offbeat shopping center built from shipping containers, plus galleries & courtyard with playground" it's a nice place to walk around on a day that isn't 10000 degrees. They have a chocolate shop and a shaved ice shop and those are really the only things you need to tell me to get me to go. There are some pretty unique shops and sometimes they have concerts on the stage. It's a place you can bring the whole family.
  48. Static
    Stage, right next to it is a black brick wall you can draw on with chalk. Pretty #artsy.
  49. The Children's Museum
    I grew up going to their old location but this new one is definitely a lot nicer. Another recent addition, the Leid Discovery Museum is located around the corner from the Smith Center. And it's actually a great Museam especially compared to or Natural History Museum which is honestly pretty sad and a sorry excuse for a museum. Especially if you have been to the ones in Chicago, New York, or Washington DC. It's a great place to take kids if they are visiting with you.
  50. Lake Las Vegas
    Lake Las Vegas is a kind of oasis in the middle of the desert. You can paddle board, kayak, fish, rent a boat, swim, spend the night, shop, Ice Skate in the winter, and more. The last time I stayed there was the night you could pre order "Somewhere Under Wonderland" by Counting Crows
  51. OTHER
  52. Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam is located in Boulder City and is our main cause of Tourism. It's pretty normal to people who live here but visitors always love to see it. If you can get a private tour you can explore all around inside the dam and learn a lot about its history.
  53. Lake Mead
    Lake Mead's water level has gone down drastically and it's terrible and actually really scary. That's what the white line is. Lake Mead is where people go to feed the ducks or go out on their boats. I remember always getting lime Popsicles there when I was young.
  54. Valley of Fire
    Some people find the valley of fire really cool and it's a fun place to hike. Just be careful because you WILL HAVE SAND EVERYWHERE. No shoes or socks are safe. Make sure you don't go when it's hot out and be very careful. Being lots of water and make sure you know whew you are going.
  55. Mountains
    If you hike up or drive up any of the mountains surrounding the valley at night you can get an amazing view (this picture was taken two years ago on Fourth of July)
  56. Feel free to ask any questions or request any more lists on anything mentioned above. If you come to Boulder City you have to tell me what you did there and it will make me very happy.