Ben Folds is one of the greatest musicians of this generation, and arguably one of the greatest musicians to ever exist. He not only has piano skills rivaling Billy Joel, but he is also incredibly smart with a dark sense of humor. I could really make a separate, extensive list on every one of these bullet points and songs.
  1. This is Ben Folds
    So you have a visual when I'm taking about him
  2. Ben Folds has been one of my favorite artists since I was in pre school ( don't worry, I mostly just listened to the "Rockin the Suburbs" album with the exception of the song "rockin the suburbs" )
    It was my first favorite album
  3. As I've gotten older he has continued to be one of my great loves
  4. There is so much I want to say and it's hard to know where to start
  5. So I've made some bullet points and I will go from there
  6. Ben Folds Five
    Ben Folds Five was Ben Fold's 3 person band from 1993- 2000, and reunited to make an album in 2012. I would list all my favorite songs but it would probably be most of them, so I'll just put down a few
  7. Philosophy
  8. Away when you were here
  9. Hold that thought
  10. Boxing
  11. Fair
  12. Best Imitation of Myself
  13. Video
  14. Narcolepsy
  15. Army
  16. Sky High
  17. Brick
  18. This entire album which includes the best versions of many of the BFF songs listed above
    This is an amazing album to get introduced to Ben Folds, I suggest you all listen to the ENTIRE thing. Your life will never be the same.
  19. Fraggels
    Ben Folds Five made a music video with the fraggels and it's amazing
  20. Angry
    Ben Folds is great to listen to if you want your music to feel angry like you do.
  21. Rockin the Suburbs is a great example of this, also many of the BFF songs are very angry, but if I were to list them all this would be a ridiculously long list
  22. Lonely Avenue
    Ben made an amazing album with Nick Hornby ( author of High Fidelity and Fever Pitch) called Lonely Avenue. Nick wrote the lyrics and Ben wrote the songs, and it works really well. Nick Hornby's writing style is very similar to Ben Fold's, so the lyrics fit and I would never know Ben didn't write it. But for instance, if Josh Ritter were to sing those lyrics, it would be clear that he didn't write them. They are a great team and here are some of my favorite songs off the album.
  23. Picture Window
    This song is depressing but I really love it. It expresses how we all feel sometimes, like hope is worthless and has no place in our lives.
  24. Doc Pomus
    Turn me loose, lonely avenue
  25. Belinda
    I'm not sure why I love this one so much, but I really like the tune.
  26. yMusic
    Ben Fold's new album, So There was made with a small New York City chamber orchestra called yMusic. I've found that many artists who have been making music for a long time, have recent albums that don't really compare to their earlier stuff, but So There definitely doesn't disappoint.
  27. I'm not the man
    This song is one of my top favorites from So There, kind of depressing, but with great lyrics and a thoughtful chorus.
  28. Capable of anything
    This song is a perfect starter to the album, it is a great introduction to yMusic and the overall feeling of the album. It's about being told from a young age that we are capable of anything, but realizing that we aren't or that other people don't think they are either
  29. Phone in a Pool
    This song represents that moment of wanting to just throw all your responsibilities, and anything that ties you to these responsibilities away. Maybe not forever, and you will be back in a couple of days, but just wanting that feeling of freedom.
  30. Ben is an extremely extremely talented composer, for anyone doubting this just look up "Ben Folds Rock this Bitch"
    Rock this Bitch was created when Ben was recording his live album, and someone decided to yell out "Rock this Bitch"
  32. Ben said he didn't know the song, and then proceeded to make one up.
  33. It's now a tradition for someone to tell Rock this Bitch at a show, and every time Ben comes up with a completely new song
  34. The best is when he does it with entire orchestras or symphonies
  35. It's mind blowing to watch him create a piece out of thin air, well really more then mind blowing, but there probably isn't a word for it. this is just one of many examples of Ben conducting an Orchestra
  36. Similar to this, was when Ben did Chatroulette
  37. Chatroulette
    Ben used chatroulette ( basically face timing random strangers) while at a show and made up songs on the spot about the people who connected and it's pretty much the greatest thing in the world. My personal favorite is the Jose Cuervo one.
  38. Great Songs
    Here are just a FEW of the greatest Ben Folds songs (this list does not include BFF)
  39. Annie waits
  40. Zak and Sara
  41. Cologne
  42. Fred Jones Pt. 2
  43. Time
  44. Late
    This song is about and for the late Elliott Smith, another one of my favorite artists. It's incredibly sad.
  45. Landed
  46. Silver street
  47. One Down
  48. Emaline
  49. There's always someone cooler than you
  50. Learn to live with what you are
  51. Bruised
    This is technically a "The Bens" song which was a two album band made up of Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee
  52. Still
  53. Hiroshima
  54. Kylie from Connecticut
  55. I highly suggest you all listen to every one of the songs mentioned and all of the ones I didn't mention as well, and watch all Ben Folds videos ever recorded.
  56. This list barely scratches the surface in terms of appreciating Ben Folds, but hopefully it's enough to get you familiar with his work.
  57. I'm sure I will come back to edit this often, but for now, happy listening :)