Before I write this I should say I am not a mother nor do I plan on being one ever at this point in my life but I am the oldest in my family and have grown up for the last eleven years with brothers, one of whom is ten years younger then I am
  1. I've seen a lot of pet peeves lists and things that bother me lists and on those lists I've often seen "Crying children on planes", "Crying children in stores" and often those are accompanied by "Mothers not controlling their children", "Parents letting their children run wild"
  2. And I just have to say, for parents and siblings everywhere, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT
  3. You can blame the children and be annoyed with them but do not ever blame the parents
  4. Unless you EXPLICITLY SEE parents encouraging bad behavior just know that they are way more annoyed then you are
  5. You should consider yourself lucky. We have to go home and deal with this, you get to go home and forget it ever happened and enjoy your day
  6. We get to go home in terrible moods for the rest of the day and yell at each other
  7. You don't have to wake up to screaming children every morning and despite all the effort in the world it never ends
  8. Don't you think we try? Don't you think we would like to go our and have a nice meal? Don't you think we would like to be able to shop without hearing cries and screams begging to go to the toy isle?
  9. You may be annoyed for an hour or two but our whole day has been ruined and the night will be filled with screaming and yelling
  10. And it never ends
  11. It's so embarrassing to have kids fighting and acting out in public but you wouldn't always know that because sometimes not saying anything is better then trying to get the kids to shut up and having them scream even louder
  12. You get to enjoy your holidays and your birthdays
  13. You don't have to spend every birthday/ Mothers and Father's Day trying to control kids
  14. Somehow, magically, on days that are supposed to be nice, kids are the worst
  15. I spent the morning trying to keep a seven year old in a time out so he wouldn't scream and wake the rest of the house up and ended up burning the breakfast I was making while also getting a door slammed in my face
  16. It sucks. And we really are sorry and we really do try. But sometimes we have to venture out into public
  17. But nine time out of ten it ends up ruined even after reminding the kids to be good
  18. And we really do try, we try so hard but if you have stubborn children's there's only so much you can do!
  19. I've lost my voice countless times trying to get kids to clean their rooms, make a card, do chores, not tear me to spreads, stop attacking each other
  20. And it's not all screaming, it always starts by trying to reason and asking 20 times "can you please clean up"
  21. But guess what! That doesn't work! Kids don't care, especially if you are not their parent
  22. That's even worse
  23. It doesn't matter if they have been given strict instructions that they are to do exactly as I say they will still throw all their heaviest toys at my head when I try to put them to bed
  24. So that's why comments like that bother me
  25. Because the world assumes no one it trying but the truth is that we are and it tears us apart when it doesn't work