Facebook Marketplace Finds

I just realized there's a new tab on Facebook where you can see things people are selling in your area. It's a great place to find hidden treasures like these.
  1. I like how you can tell that they started to wipe it off and then just gave up
    needs cleaned off
  2. knowing that the bee movie has been played on this TV really ups the value
  3. this one speaks for itself
  4. I'm glad he specified that he had plenty of copies, I was worried this was in high demand
  5. do...they know?
  6. horrifying
  7. yes please
  8. I'm not sure that's a pony
  9. If you stare into this things eyes long enough it WILL suck your soul out
  10. See, it says here that it's in "normal" condition but i'm don't think anything about this was ever remotely normal
  11. Tall and Old
  12. hunan hair