1. When I was four I was a flower girl in my cousins wedding
  2. I remember my shoes were way too small and I had roughly 20 Bobby pins in my hair
  3. That's basically all I remember from that but it's still a happy memory
  4. My uncles wedding in New Jersey , I was probably six
  5. It was in a big beautiful grassy field
  6. I remember playing hide and seek with my cousins late at night
  7. I also remember getting alcoholic pudding snack things just to eat the blackberries off the top
  8. My moms friends outdoor wedding in Napa Valley, I was probably 10 or 11
  9. I remember taking pictures with a girl I met in the photo booth
  10. I remember going downstairs to a room and just hanging out
  11. Afterwards we went to a reception hall and I remember feeling really fancy and happy
  12. My cousins wedding in New Jersey I was 13
  13. The day of the wedding we all got ready together at my cousins house and we had lots of good Italian meats and deserts
  14. I remember all my family being there and being so happy
  15. It was in a mansion that they rented for the wedding
  16. I remember drinking Shirley temples with my cousins
  17. I remember eating cheese fries outside
  18. I remember it was rainy and perfect
  19. I remember after the wedding my cousins came to my hotel room and we played with a guitar app all night
  20. We all stayed in the same hotel and ate breakfast together the next morning
  21. It's one of my favorite memories