1. In an attempt to put some kind of order to this I will start with an overview of Josh, some mandatory songs for first time listeners, and then go album by album
    This is gonna be a long one
  3. Josh Ritter was born in Moscow, Idaho in 1976
    If you search around YouTube you can find some Idaho "Potato Stories" like the one he tells here http://youtu.be/0TUazjpNh5g
  4. He is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and is often compared to Bob Dylan
  5. It would be near impossible to find a more smiley performer then Josh Ritter
    I've never seen anyone so happy while singing.
  6. He is an Atheist but many of his songs explore the meaning and idea of God and you will find lots of religious allusions in his work.
    For example, Girl In The War https://youtu.be/lWGQno05YZA
  7. He went to school originally to study Neuroscience but then discovered that his true calling was to be a musician
    He wrote this song to prove to his mom that he could write love songs https://youtu.be/MJlfCJ5uuPE
  8. I'll leave my introduction there and let Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski take it away
    You might have to be a Josh Ritter fan to truly appreciate the song that Rainn made (you'll understand what I mean when you watch it) https://youtu.be/EW-pyMp21SI
    This is a very short list of a few songs to start with if you've never listened before
  10. Thin Blue Flame
    This is in my opinion one of the greatest songs ever written. If you are going to listen to this, don't just play it in the background. Really sit down and listen to and appreciate every word. https://youtu.be/dwVfMJnLWUE
  11. Me & Jiggs
    A more lighthearted song that sounds like a summer night with friends https://youtu.be/iT6O4wQQrF0
  12. Best For The Best
    Once I knew a girl in the hard hard times. She made me a shirt out of fives and dimes. Now she's gone but when I wear it she crosses my mind. And if the best is for the best then the best is unkind. https://youtu.be/EDsjUBZAXK4
  13. The Temptation of Adam
    This is a prime example of what a great storyteller and songwriter Josh is https://youtu.be/iV6rPn7uzIQ
  14. Kathleen
    Fun fact: Rainn Wilson and I both have a shirt with the words from this song on it https://youtu.be/XRnQp2iQDGw
  15. Monster Ballads
  16. The Curse
    This is the story of a Mummy that falls in love with a human and eventually steals her life. Another example of wonderful storytelling. You have to watch the video. https://youtu.be/KXBI2_zH9Js
  17. Love is Making It's Way Back Home
    Along with being a great song, this is also one of my favorite music videos of all time https://youtu.be/Fu9XGqjOoOs
  18. Real Long Distance
    Watch the video https://youtu.be/8-FdtUVyom4 😍
  19. ALBUMS
    All the albums with a few of my favorites highlighted. Any songs that have already been mentioned will not be included.
  20. Josh Ritter
  21. Beautiful Night
    Ahead is the horizon, always changing, it stands fast. Far behind me are the desert islands, shipwrecks of the past. And I have seen the cannons sounding in the early morning light. But I have left my battles for the day on this beautiful night. https://youtu.be/Q42rLBJfam8
  22. Morning Is A Long Way Down
    I never ask the hard questions. I never try to transform. I was always just waiting to be born. But now the sun's tied with night-chains. Like Prometheus, bound. And morning is a long way down https://youtu.be/wpMXDNOZ9yA
  23. Last Ditch Effort
    So turn the light off when you leave. Don't forget to leave the key. You know I'm going to miss your touch. You say that you can't help that much. But I would have loved to see you try https://youtu.be/oDRICzSaSlE
  24. Golden Age of Radio
  25. Come And Find Me
    If I could trace the line that ran between your smile and your sleight of hand I'd guess that you put something up my sleeve. Now every time I see your face the bells ring in a far-off place. We can find each other this way I believe https://youtu.be/XELe1S8qwvA
  26. Lawrence,KS
    Some prophecies are self-fulfilling but I've had to work for all of mine. Better times will come to me, God willing. Cause I can't leave this world behind https://youtu.be/7_GgwB0zwW0
  27. Harrisburg
    It's a long way to Heaven, it's closer to Harrisburg. And that's still a long way from the place where we are. And if evil exists, it's a pair of train tracks. And the devil is a railroad car https://youtu.be/OIG3WCGBGvQ
  28. Hello Starling
  29. Rainslicker
    You had your red rainslicker on, your face was turned up into rain as you watched me. And I was crossing, I was crossing the street like my own Rubicon. Coming back home to ya coming back Rome And your eyes were so patient and calm. And green as the grass that might grow on the 23rd Psalm https://youtu.be/9iPsCK8Pby4
  30. Bright Smile
    Man is only half himself. The other half is a bright thing. He tumbles on by luck or grace. For man is ever a blind thing https://youtu.be/etPZ2Qt0OYo
  31. California
    So I will work at what work finds me,and I will take what comfort I can get. I'll be back when I'm good and ready. California doesn't seem to think I'm ready yet https://youtu.be/zNKFx0CTXaU
  32. The Animal Years
  33. Wolves
    I still remember that time when we were dancing we were dancing to a song that I'd heard. Your face was simple and your hands were naked. I was singing without knowing the words https://youtu.be/Tgwuf-nYLrU
  34. Good Man
    Last night there was a horse in the road. I was twisting in the hairpin. My hands held on, my mind let go. And back to you my heart went skipping I found the inside of the road. Thought about the first time that I met you. All those glances that we stole. Sometimes, if you want them then you've got to https://youtu.be/C81SyunWMAQ
  35. Wait for Love (you know you will)
    I got someone on my mind. And she don't make me wait the way you do. But time, oh she holds me all the time. And she don't make me wait the way you do https://youtu.be/gKSI6_IBAuY
  36. Right Moves
    I said won't you tell me where you been? You put a finger to my lips And then you kissed me once and once again. The crickets all leapt up and met the moon with a standing ovation https://youtu.be/Z629Tqd7qas
  37. So Runs The World Away
  38. Change of Time
    I had a dream last night, I dreamt that I was swimming. And the stars up above directionless and drifting. Somewhere in the dark were the sirens and the thunder and around me as I swam the drifters who’d gone under http://youtu.be/bpf6XVOGQWc
  39. Lantern
    And the sky's so cold and clear the stars might stick you where you stand. And you're only glad it's dark 'cause you might see the master's hand. You might cast around forever and never find the peace you seek https://youtu.be/Hf_AVY1PfWw
  40. Another New World
    The leading light of the age all wondered amongst themselves what I would do next. After all that I'd found in my travels around The world was there anything else left? "Gentlemen", I said, "I've studied the maps" "And if what I'm thinking is right" "There's another new world at the top of the world" "For whoever can break through the ice" https://youtu.be/ZsGXWTJ-r_c
  41. To The Yet Unknowing World
  42. Tokyo!
    Don't let the things you hold on to ever outnumber the things you let go. Don't let the things you remember ever outnumber the things you live for. https://youtu.be/eta0_dOCZBM
  43. Galahad
    Said the Angel, "Your benevolence abounds." "Take your boots off, Great Sir Galahad; for by your astounding beauty Whatever ground you stand on turns to holy ground." (So he probably looked something like Josh Ritter😉) https://youtu.be/wYDw25-RT5U
  44. Bringing in the Darlings
  45. Why
    Why can't you try to be happy? Why must you always be sad? Why spend your only life waitin' to have what you know you can have? https://youtu.be/dHB-Ib6q38c
  46. Can't Go to Sleep Without You
    There ain't a street in this town that I ain't walked and I know them like I know your face. But they're here and you're not and it's my luck. That I can't go to sleep without you https://youtu.be/kOcVAZgQO4k
  47. The Beast in It's Tracks
  48. Joy To You Baby
    I go to the parties. Throw my hands in the air. I drink what they pour me. Two cups of who cares. Go up in the night sky. Up in the clouds, Fly over the houses I'm looking down https://youtu.be/2ERKTxjSj4k
  49. Bonfire
    You got a lot of lovers with star-crossed wrists. They keep a candle burning on the corner you kissed. One day I might die, until then there's too much to do. But I'll keep a bonfire for you. https://youtu.be/vsxaLZCAW1U
  50. Hopeful
    And find out it was so far from far from enough? I followed her out into the street in the rain. And the whole world stopped spinning and just went up in flames https://youtu.be/Es0fBjYAPV8
  51. Sermon On The Rocks
  52. Homecoming
    I feel a change in the weather, I feel a change in me, The days are getting shorter and the birds begin to leave, Even me, yes, yes, y'all, Who has been so long alone, I'm headed home, Headed home https://youtu.be/WrBAdzACig0
  53. Getting Ready To Get Down
    Be good to everybody, be a strength to the weak, A joy to the joyful, the laughter in the grief. And give your love freely to whoever that you please https://youtu.be/HnQ89jZvZD0
  54. The Stone
    Lying wide awake In a different house. With different arms around you now. On a different street. In a different town. On the same old road that the night comes down https://youtu.be/KIXSIW2szSk
  55. So that's Josh Ritter (in a nutshell) I hope this list beings you joy and happy listening 😊