What are your feelings on him?
  1. I think I'm in the very small minority of people who didn't passionately dislike Mark Brendanawicz. He was never my favorite character but he was fine, he never bothered me. I just don't have any strong feelings about him and I don't dislike him.
  2. Ok, now you can all tear me apart
  3. Didn't hate him
    But let's face it, he was always more of a plot point than an actually character (possible wedge in burgeoning female friendship?)
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  4. More like Mark Brendanaquitz
    I actually kinda started liking him right before he left
    Suggested by @sshemchuk
  5. More like Brendana-quitz
    Truthfully, I never really liked or disliked him that much. Paul Schneider's a good actor, and he had some decent moments (such as "I fucking hate having a pickup truck") but overall he wasn't that essential to the show. When he left and was replaced by Rob Lowe and Adam Scott, the show improved immensely.
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  6. He grew on me and I identified with his plight but he was not a character meant to last
    Suggested by @tatertotfreak
  7. Didn't love him or hate him, he just seemed boring to me.
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  8. He had in my opinion the best line in the series: "April, get behind me," after they realized they were canvassing to a child molester, and I didn't hate his character. Always wished he would come back.
    Suggested by @allisonlantagne
  9. I was like :/ he done did left :;((
    but it did for Leslie's character growth so..... he done did left!
    Suggested by @catharuin
  10. Meh, I find him forgettable
    Suggested by @rachelanne
  11. He sucked and his relationship with Ann was probably the most boring thing on the planet.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  12. super forgettable
    i do not remember a single scene he was in, so I don't know if I can really have any feelings toward him ???
    Suggested by @chloeabzzz
  13. It's as if his whole purpose was to be a point of contrast. One pigeon in a flock of flamingos
    Suggested by @ellied
  14. I would like to add that when that bird took a shit on him it made the 2nd season go from a 9/10 to a 10/10 for me.
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  15. I don't hate him as much as most people do, but I was glad to see him go and I really think it shut that chapter of P&R that opened for an even better one!
    Suggested by @naughtyedamame
  16. I actually like him.
    He also has a line when someone asks him to help them move and he says, "I 'bleeping' HATE having a pickup truck", and I just think that's really funny.
    Suggested by @heatherdawes
  17. He Brendanaquit! But I always like marathoning shows that have different characters in early seasons. Shows how much the show grew.
    I like him MUCH better in season 2 than season 1. He wasn't good at acting like a playboy. Tell you what, I liked him better than Jeremy Jamm.
    Suggested by @Boogie