Inspired by @Grosstastic
  1. @waitwait
    By far the best show feed ever. It has taken on its own personality and never fails to make me laugh with its unending topical wit and relationship with Peter Sagal. You can spend hours scrolling back through past pictures and get lost in Sandwich Mondays and dramatic pretzel happenings.
  2. Static
    One of the most brilliant Twitter feeds/minds to ever exist. Even though the conversations are made up they are unbelievably realistic and always make me laugh. His Paul Ryan is a fantastic straight man and I'm constantly blown away by what he can think of. Anyone who is following this election with utter disbelief should follow him.
  3. Static
    I grouped these together because they are all fake funny "news" or parody accounts. I too believe all content deserves to go viral and click hole has some of the best of it. They also have a great Vine account. It's so silly and exactly my sense of humor. Same with The Onion and McSweeneys. They all have equally ridiculous content and reading The Onion is like someone took my every thought and put it on paper. And McSweeneys is great when I need to be reminded that it's decorative gourd season.
  4. @jonnysun
    Jomny's account is equal parts beautiful, funny, thoughtful, and touching. His unique way of thinking and poetry makes the world a better place and his tweets are always a bright spot on my feed.
  5. @demetrimartin
    He tweets a lot less then he used to but the beauty of Twitter is that you can scroll down and see all the past tweets and pretend you are seeing them for the first time. I love his keyboard symbol animals and great one liners. ˘˜¯'[˚\•/˚]'¯˜ˇ #Reindeer
  6. @christhile
    Chris Thile is the human embodiment of sunshine/soft blankets/ happy smiles. He is one of my favorite people and though he doesn't tweet too much, his words always make me smile and remind me of how great he really is.
  7. @nihilist_arbys
    I had to have one weird Twitter account in here. Nihilist Arby's is very dark and extremely cynical which is a side of me that doesn't know. It's frank, too the point, and depressing. But it also makes me laugh so I'm including it here. There are lots of weird Twitter accounts I follow but I just picked one at random to put here.
  8. Honorable Mentions: too many to list. You are welcome to follow me at @audreypalumbo to see more of my favorites.