Inspired by @Fitz
  1. I don't think I have talked to enough people to make this list but here it is
  2. AHHH I LOVE U and I want to be ur friend
    Suggested by @lesbian
  3. your top celebs list is a++ although i just followed you, you seem super cool!! ☺️
    Suggested by @ashleyferrara
  4. I'm so ready to be your friend also you are so pretty ✨
    Suggested by @JennyJLee
  5. your lists are A+ material. we should probably be friend soon
    Suggested by @chloeabzzz
  6. You make the best cheesy blasters in the universe💛
    Suggested by @jannychan
  7. You're a really cool person, have a great 2016!
    Suggested by @franksars