1. True Sadness comes out June 24th
  2. The new tracks that will be on the album so far are
  3. Ain't no man
  4. I wish I was
  5. Satan Pulls the Strings
  6. True Sadness
  7. Divorce Separation Blues
  8. Mama
  9. Spell of Ambition (possibly)
  10. I heard that Fisher Road won't be on but here it is anyway
  11. As of today 4/15/16 it's available to preorder
  12. With the preorder you get an automatic download of the single Ain't No Man
  13. Track list
  14. Pt2
  15. As of today 5/6/16 if you preorder you also get an automatic download of the song "True Sadness"
  16. 5/13/16 Ain't No Man video released officially
  17. 6/7/16 True Sadness Album Trailer Released
  18. 6/9/16 Satan Pulls The Strings album version is released