OK Go:An Appreciation

Happy 10 year anniversary Here It Goes Again!
  1. OK Go is most known for their music videos
  2. Particularly these two
    Here it goes again https://youtu.be/dTAAsCNK7RA
  3. This Too Shall Pass https://youtu.be/qybUFnY7Y8w
  4. But their talents go way beyond just video
  5. OK Go is comprised of
  6. Damien Kulash
  7. Timothy Nordwind
  8. Andy Ross
  9. And Dan Konopka
  10. OK Go was formed in Chicago in 1998
  11. Since then they have released a number of stunning music videos, but it's safe to say they've come a long way
  12. Check out this 1999 video for C-C-C Cinnamon Lips and see if you can spot Peter Sagal and Ira Glass!
  13. This one for a million ways to be cool was released in 2009, and features some real fancy dance moves
  14. This is one of my favorite videos and possibly my favorite OK Go song
  15. This is the second video for This Too Shall Pass and it was filmed at Notre Dame with the Notre Dame marching band and I believe it was the first OK Go video I watched
  16. This video for WTF is very unique (as are all of their videos)
  17. Of course I need to add their muppet show video
  18. This is one of my top favorite OK Go videos and it's insane to think of all the time and effort that went behind making it
  19. The Writing's On The Wall's video has the same kind of flow as the Rube Goldberg video but zanier
  20. This is their latest video and most outrageous feat yet, just watch
  21. 3 years ago NPR headquarters in Washington DC moved to a different building and documented the process with the help of OK Go
  22. Those are just a few of their videos through they years, there are many more if you search through YouTube. But there are also so so many more songs that don't have videos
  23. Lullaby
  24. The One Moment
  25. Back From Kathmandu
  26. Let It Rain
  27. Shortly Before The End
  28. This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover)
  29. Oh Lately It's So Quiet
  30. Everybody's Hearts Breaking Now (Lavender Diamond Cover by Damien)
  31. Those are a few to get you started but there are so many more
  32. When you go down the OK Go YouTube Rabbit hole you can find some pretty interesting things
  33. Like this instructional ping pong video
  34. This brilliant remake of futuristic Pretty In Pink
  35. Another remake, this time of Star Wars. Impeccably done.
  36. This Wikipedia Fact or Fiction
  37. Plus so many more, but I'll let you find those ones
  38. Have fun!