1. Picincs: Overrated
    I probably haven't been to enough to really have an opinion on this but the ones I have been to have been sub par. Too many ants and not enough comfortable seating. But it's still an appealing idea and I'm not totally against them.
  2. Billy Joel: Underrated
    I saw Billy Joel in concert in 2014 and it was incredible. I have fond memories of my cousins in New Jersey singing "Vienna" and whenever I hear that song it makes me smile. His music is timeless and his piano skills can't be matched (except by Ben Folds)
  3. Rage: Underrated but probably bad
    I have to say underrated because I'm guilty of feeling rage too often. But in certain circumstances, like when you are the romantic lead in a TV show, reveling your true feelings in a dramatic fashion can be a good thing.
  4. Skittles: overrated
    mnm's are far superior, especially the mini ones.Skittles are never good after having a few of them and they leave your jaw sore and your mouth weird. Also now that they replaced lime with green apple it's all trash.
  5. List Title Waves: Underrated
    I like reading people's opinions of the same thing but they can get tiring if they go on for too long. Generally good and interesting so I'll give them an underrated