1. The first is actually a picture of me
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  2. The next is a picture of Bill Hader in the documentary now promos
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  3. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen
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  4. The photographer/videographer for The Avett Brothers
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  5. A picture of a sweater I pinned on Pinterest
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  6. Danny and Mindy from The Mindy Project
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  7. This guy
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  8. Chris Thile from Punch Brothers
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  9. An old picture of Jimmy Fallon
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  10. Whatever this is
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  11. A stock photo of people eating what I assume are sweet potato chips
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  12. Me again
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  13. The singer songwriter Josh Ritter
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  14. Someone taking a hike (I think)
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  15. A woman dressing up for Halloween with a festive hat. Or maybe she always wears that
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  16. A picture a friend of mine painted
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  17. Me again
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  18. Seth Avett
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