Inspired by @bisexual I loathe the term "on brand" but I think it would be relevant here
  1. Empire State Building view
    The most romantic building in the world
  2. Beef gravy
    Turned out terrible but on the plus side I learned how to ruin an entire thanksgiving dinner with one drizzle of burnt liquid
  3. Shit got real veep gif
    For use in a text
  4. This Will Be An Everlasting Love Movie
    It was While You Were Sleeping
  5. Hunter Green Color
    Settling a debate about shirt colors. I know, intriguing.
  6. Gabriel Kahane album cover
    I was trying to find out where it was taken and then go build a life there
  7. Credits rolling gif
    Also for use in a text but I didn't find what I was looking for
  8. Tarell McCraney
    I was listing to fresh air and wanted to know what he looked like
  9. Diddy
  10. Sexy Ken Bone
    Why is this the world we live in
  11. Chicago in the Fall