Secret Santa inspiration

writing what I want feels weird. Also my Twitter is @audreypalumbo if you need more inspiration (just scroll past the political stuff, it's been a lot of that this week)
  1. Chocolate
    (milk not dark)
  2. an old shirt you found in your closet
  3. anything and everything comedy related
  4. death metal rock
  5. cool music
  6. sewer rats
  7. television related things
  8. Swedish Fish
  9. something "fall ish"
  10. cranberries
  11. anything city related
  12. bugs
  13. lights
  14. the trash you forgot to take out a week ago
  15. Christmas-y things
  16. your favorite thriller/drama/dateline film
  17. something you think is really cool!
  18. something you think smells kind of weird
  19. something fun and silly
  20. something scary and slimy
  21. whatever you want
  22. those soup can things that fake snakes pop out of but like that's the whole box and when I open it it's just snakes that pop out