Secret Santa Unwrapping

@nantea THANK YOU
  1. I've been gone for two weeks and just got back today so this is a little late
  2. The wrapping and all the packages looked beautiful and I love the detail of the Christmas tree branches
  3. I'm listing this first because it's my favorite. A handmade beanie in one of my favorite colors!!!! I opened the package this afternoon and i've been wearing it all day. It was perfect timing because as I was getting the mail it started to snow, even though i've been in Barnes and Noble for the last two hours I kept it on and it fits perfectly.
  4. I love Trader Joe's and milk chocolate so this was perfect 😍
  5. I'm going to make brownies and eat all of this immediately Fantastic Mr. Fox style
  6. This garland was also a perfect color and I look forward to finding the perfect place to hang it up
  7. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents so I will most likely be wearing it every day/ rubbing it on everything I own
  8. I've never tried a bath bomb or anything else from Lush and I can't wait to be fully covered in sparkles for the next 94 years
  9. another amazing Trader Joe's pick
  10. Everything was perfect and I couldn't imagine getting anything better. Thank you so much Anna!!!!!!! And it's awesome that you also like the Oh Hello's!