Sentimental Food

Inspired by @roaringsoftly with twist. These things, at least a majority of them are things I could/can still have but have a special meaning.
  1. Dunkin Donuts
    I only have Dunkin Donuts when I'm in New Jersey or Chicago so the taste is associated with happy memories. I force myself not to eat them any other time which is typically pretty easy since they just started coming to the west coast. But now I live in Virginia, about 2 minutes from a Dunkin Donuts and I'm proud to say I've only gone once. Chocolate Glazed is my favorite kind.
  2. Pizzelles
    My aunt makes them every Christmas and it's one of my (many) favorite traditions. We have them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and she always brings them in a red Tupperware container. That is my picture, used as proof that they really do look (and taste) that good.
  3. Italian Beef and Ice
    Johnnies Beef in Chicago is one of my favorite restaurants ever. A trip to Chicago isn't complete without stopping at Johnnies. It's an entire family tradition. Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, everyone. Last time we were all in town there was a day we had it for every meal. In our defense we were all staying in the same hotel and putting things together for a funeral and Johnnies was close and adored by everyone. This might seem slightly morbid but my dad, uncle, and their cousins
  4. Cont..
    even debated putting a Johnnies Beef (dry, no peppers) in my great grandpa's casket but thankfully decided it probably wasn't such a hot idea.
  5. Strawberry Pockets
    We used to get these all the time when I was younger until the whole foods by us stopped selling them!! But thankfully I just found out that I have a Whole Foods 25 minutes from my house that does sell them! So as soon as I can I will devour them a la Fantastic Mr.Fox
  6. Stuffed Artichokes and Sausage Sandwiches
    We love to throw big parties at my house and we have an annual "Christmas Eve Eve Party" which is what it sounds like, the night before Christmas Eve. We go to a friends house every year on actual Christmas Eve so we do ours a day early. We have sausage sandwiches, artichokes, Italian meats and cheeses, pasta, bread, desserts, etc... It's always so much fun and there's a certain feeling that's associated with them. ( and yes, that green counter is mine. Yikes!!)
  7. "Pool Party Burgers"
    This ones a little weird. In my house we were never allowed to have regular burgers. We always had to have whole weat buns and all natural, typically turkey, burgers. So when we would go to things like Pool Parties they would always have these generic burgers and it was like Christmas Day. So in my house all generic burgers are pool party burgers, wherever they are had.
  8. Meatballs
    These aren't just any meatballs. On Christmas Eve every year we go to a family friends house, the same people my celebrated Christmas Eve with when he was younger, and have a party. We all go to 4:00 mass and head over to the house right after. We are the only non blood relatives that are there but it feels like family. We always have meatballs and I've never had them as good as they are here. They are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. (the meatballs are in the sauce)
  9. Lime Popsicles
    When I was younger my parents would take me and my sister to feed the ducks at Lake Mead and would let us get Lime Popsicles. Now I don't really care for them but it's a happy memory.
  10. Strawberry Pop Tarts
    When I was younger we used to have these at my grandparents house, it was always so exciting because my mom never would have bought them for us. To this day it's the only flavor of Pop Tart that I like and it still brings me back to my grandparents house
  11. Canned Corn
    Another one my mom would never buy. We had this during a big family dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house in New Jersey and it beings back such a happy feeling of summer and fireflies
  12. Smarties/ mini m'n'm's
    We only had smarties at birthday parties and I remember that my dad liked them too and that made them special to me and something I always associate with birthday parties. Also when my dad an I would go to Blockbuster *and a hush falls over the crowd* he would sometime let me get mini m'n'm's and they always remind me of that.