Chris Thile is known for his indescribable mandolin playing skills, which won him a McArthur genius grant, and his bands Nickel Creek and The Punch Brothers. But this list won't be talking about any of that. This is just to appreciate Chris' wide range of facial expressions.
  1. Christ Thile is one of those people who you have to watch to get the full effect
  2. His stories and songs will easily make you fall in love with him
  3. And his dancing skills are not to be rivaled
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  7. His energy is constantly overflowing
  8. And he has mastered the single eyebrow raise
  9. His side eye clearly shows his discontent
  10. He is often deep into thought , pondering life's important questions
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  12. He knows when effective jaw drops should be used
  13. He would be great to throw a surprise party for because his face is great at conveying shock
  14. And he sometimes admits to thinking about things he shouldn't
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  16. He knows how to work body movements into storytelling
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  18. He knows when he sees something unusual
  19. And he also knows how to play a mean mandolin solo
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  23. Chris Thile, you are a national treasure