I've been collecting the most intellectual youtube comments I've seen over the last year, here are a few. This will be a running list.
  1. Static
    powerwindow2 and female worker or Romeo and Juliet???
  2. Static
    who wouldn't want a handsome 3rd mother? my 3rd mother was just a mop i painted a face on and she would always fight with 47th great uncle
  3. Static
    the eternal question asked yet again
  4. Static
    this poor conflicted man ://
  5. Static
    yes, gumby's imperial media, that's how it works
  6. Static
    how could anyone resist such a tempting offer
  7. Static
    is the plain blue face on youtube youtube's version of a twitter egg? i think so
  8. Static
    this one isn't funny, it just makes no sense
  9. Static
    pt.2, I think this person was probably born in a zoo, or at least received their education from a baboon
  10. Static
    xo~TARRON is my new soulmate~xo
  11. Static
    that took a turn
  12. Static
  13. judge for yourself below
  14. Static
  15. Static
    I.....don't know
  16. Static
    It wasn't the miracles, or parables, or sacrifice that Jesus was known for, it was his extraordinary appetite for humans
  17. Static
    things have really taken a turn for the worse