1. Romantic comedies
    Movies and TV shows
  2. Gilmore Girls
  3. Perfectly toasted Everything Bagels with whipped cream cheese
  4. The sound of trains because it reminds me of a whole foods Parking lot in NJ
  5. New Jersey
  6. Overcast rainy days that aren't super cold, but just cold enough
  7. Ike Barinholtz impersonating Chris Messina
  8. Depressing but good music
    It's hard to describe
  9. Grilled cheese with pickles
  10. Stuffed artichokes
  11. Italian delis
    Jewish delis too
  12. Irish accents
  13. Weird Twitter
  14. New York City
  15. Fall leaves
  16. Funny NPR shows
    Wait wait don't tell me
  17. Lights on trees at night
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  18. Johnnies beef
  19. The sound of cooked pasta when you stir it
  20. The smell of desert rain
  21. Comedy TV
  22. Driving with all the windows down blasting music on rainy/ dark days
  23. Anything chocolate
  24. The Newark airport
  25. Good Trader Joes samples
  26. Fall smells
  27. The East Coast
  28. Chicago
  29. Kermit with teeth
  30. Adding this again: lights. Tiny lights at night have a special place in my heart
    Stars Hollow is what I wish the whole world looked like
  31. Junk Food