1. Continuously picked up and carried by people just for fun.
    It was their fun. I hated it. So much.
  2. Asked if I can actually drive a car
    Surprise! My feet can reach the pedals
  3. Had to use a car seat at a friends 4th grade birthday party in a car full of taller more attractive friends.
    I will never forget that, it's scarred into my mind.
  4. Told by friends that are younger than me that things aren't appropriate or to shield my "young eyes"
    Yeah... I'm fine thank you. Also I hate you. I hate you a lot in this moment.
  5. Constantly told that I'm short by friends and strangers alike, as if I didn't already know
    Why thank you! This changes everything. What would I do if you hadn't told me I was short. Golly gee thank god for you.
  6. Asked as a ten year old if I could write my name
  7. Told that by the time I get my masters I will look old enough to be in college
  8. Constantly surprising people with my age
  9. Used as an arm rest
    I hate you
  10. Been told" oh I would love to be short!"
    No you wouldn't. Liar
  11. Being called "cute" and not in the attractive way
    Don't. Just don't.
  12. Constantly have to prove myself as an intelligent mature person in order to be taken seriously
  13. People laugh when I get mad
  14. Always asked how short I am
  15. Elementary school kids are taller than me
  16. Middle school kids are thought of as older than me