Inspired by @socks
  1. I am forever loyal to Dunkin Doughnuts
    I only eat Dunkin Donuts when I am in New Jersey or Chicago because those places have the most sentimental donut feelings attached to them. I try to not ever eat from other good donut places because when I do I feel like I'm being disloyal to DD which means I hardly ever eat Donuts. It's weird.
  2. I keep my apps in boxes at the top of my screen so I can see my wallpaper
    I've done this for years, regardless of what my current wallpaper is
  3. I have two YouTube accounts
    I hate when I watch a video on YouTube and then get weird suggestions on my home page. So I have two accounts, one for music, and one for comedy.
  4. I have the lyrics to roughly 375 songs in the notes section of my phone
  5. I have all my snapchat symbols set to foresty emojis and constantly forget what they mean
  6. I don't eat raw cookie dough or cake mix and no amount of peer pressure will break me down
  7. I find the word "candelabra" unsettling because of the Magic School bus episode where they go to the haunted music house. It was always kind of freaky to me and I don't know why.
  8. I think the song "Mona Lisa" by Grant Lee Phillips is so amazing but I've only listened to it a few times because I never want to get tired of it and I'm saving it for the perfect moment