Why I Love John Krasinski So Much

@michael_circa91 I've had this in my drafts for months and I keep forgetting to work on it
  1. I've always been known as someone who has an adoration for famous funny people. I've been this way for my whole life and as much as I know they are just normal people I don't think my admiration will ever really go away.
  2. There are many people that I love, and it's so hard, nearly impossible really, to choose a favorite. I imagine it's the feeling one would get when trying to choose a favorite child. But if I were forced, in a bizarre life or death scenario, to say one name, it would be John Krasinski.
  3. I started watching The Office when I was in seventh grade and immediately fell in love and wanted to share it with everyone I could. And of course, like any human person naturally does, I also fell in love with Jim Halpert.
  4. Obviously John Kraskiski is a very attractive person, there's no denying that. But the real reason I love him so much is because of his personality.
  5. First and foremost he is a great speaker and storyteller. If you are unaware of how smart John Kraskiski really is I recommend you immediately listen to his Off Camera interview
    Off Camera is BY FAR my favorite interview podcast, you get a very in depth glance as everyone who goes on and you always walk away feeling like you've learned something. There are a few clips of his interview on YouTube but you have to get the full thing on your podcast app. https://youtu.be/S9ROH0tAAQk https://youtu.be/zH_orJB9xWg
  6. Also if you are a fan of anyone or just people in general listen to Off Camera. You will not regret it.
  7. In the interview above he mentions a NASCAR commercial he appeared in and how at first his costar was negligent about speaking but after watching John have so much fun he wanted to have a line as well
    Here is the commercial https://youtu.be/-pCcUJ6jstI
  8. I said above that he is a great storyteller. I love hearing old college stories and crazy adventures. And he definitely has his fair share of those. But they are really only good if a person can tell them well. He definitely can.
  9. The broken down car story is one of my favorite stories of all time and the way he tells it is so good and his New England accent is so funny and his facial expressions and 😍😍
  10. He is so charming all the time, which is obvious if you watch any of his interviews
    The interviewer is so flustered because of his radiant John Kraskiski-ness that she can't even look at him https://youtu.be/K1STVQ1KlVk
  11. He did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel where he pretended to be Spider-Man and even the coldest of grinch hearts will grow 10 sizes after watching it
  12. Yes I could have put all of these links in one bullet but then you wouldn't get these bonus pictures
  13. He is able to cry on command (as seen in the casino night episode of the office) a skill which he demonstrated here as he breaks/shatters/obliterates your heart talking about lawn mowers
  14. He has the greatest laugh on the face of the earth
  15. Just do yourself a favor and watch all the Office bloopers
    This one is just John and it could make an entire quarry of rocks cry with love https://youtu.be/E0KhXeT_qX8
  16. The Jim and Pam relationship would not have worked with anyone else. John and Jenna had such great chemistry and he showed the world that you really should wait for the right person and don't settle for anything less
  17. He has a great relationship with his wife, Emily Blunt. A lot of famous couples are known for drama and annoying behavior but their love is real and they seem very happy.
  18. He is a genuinely good person and I'm so glad that he is in the world to make it a happier place
  19. Thanks for being you John