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  1. so i went to the prudential tower's skywalk today!
  2. it's a very beautiful view, and i wish we went during golden hour.
  3. but it was a free program so we went at night!
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writing in general, an assignment, a blog post, sometimes for me, even a list.
  1. So I have an assignment where I analyze a Boston Globe news story for my journalism class.
  2. It shouldn't be difficult in any way.
  3. Maybe it's just daunting because I want it to be well written and I'm not the best writer.
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mish moshing 4 months into a list
  1. I flew across an ocean and landed in Dublin, where I would study for 4 months for my first semester of college!!
    Dublin the land of rain, good food, and friendly people!
  2. also home to the famous Guinness! as one irish men said to us 18 year old Americans, "God bless ye livers"
  3. While we were there, our school took us to all the corners of Ireland!
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a 2017 resolution?
  1. I want to say that I didn't list at all my first semester of freshmen year of college because I was traveling so much, but that's just a lame excuse.
    (but I will be posting a photo list!)
  2. Instead of berating myself I decided that I will just list more instead of regretting what could have been and hit the ground running.
  3. I'm in a new city with new and old friends and so many experiences are out there.
  4. live, love, and most importantly, list!
  1. those office scenes where every single character is contributing to a hectic situation
    like the cold open where they're learning CPR and start dancing and singing 'Stayin' Alive' OR the fire scene where they're all trying to escape and Angela throws her cat through a roof
  2. Blackout - from the musical In The Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda
    I'd like to call this organized chaos since each harmony and contributes and weaves together into a musical masterpiece
  3. my room- I know where everything is even IF it looks like a hurricane just tore through it
I don't know what I'm gonna do when I leave for college.
  1. sometimes he hears me when I'm up doing homework late and we meet like forbidden lovers over the stairway in the dark at roughly midnight
  2. pull each other into naps. if one of is napping, the other will quickly join
  3. bark at strange noises together and look at each other like this if we bark at the same time
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don't let my cool and chill demeanor on the outside fool you/ mask the constant screaming inside my head
  1. At school, all my folders and papers were neat and organized, and I had a planner to write down all the tasks I had to complete
    My room however, is a gigantic fuckin mess.
  2. People are always like wow Audrey you're so put together! Your outfits are so on point!
    And I say thanks while untangling pens from my hair that I haven't brushed in a few days.
  3. Whenever I get assignments/projects I have to do, I just smile and get on it..
    WHILE panic alarms are going off in my head and the apple radar noise is in my ears
  4. I get things done on time.
    Most likely done at the last minute.
i.e. Empire State Building, Times Square, the Great Wall of China
  1. they're obviously great for a reason!! that's why so many people flock to see them everyday
  2. even if it's jam packed with tourists, you can't help but realize that people just like yourself gathered here from all over the world just to catch a glimpse at this wonder
  3. idk man I just love seeing new things
To set the scene, I just graduated high school and I'm leaving for an out of state college at the end of summer...
  1. So it's the summer after senior year, filled with goodbyes and grad parties.
  2. And to be a little honest, I'm not that broken up about the good byes.
  3. I'm kind of scared of my lack of feelings and don't know why I'm so cold.
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an open apology to ...myself?
  1. I haven't been writing lists.
  2. But I've been here, lurking, reading, liking.
  3. I just finished high school.
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