albums ranked with favorite song in each!!
  1. Suck it and See
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    where do I even begin with this album I mean reckless serenade, piledriver waltz, suck it and see, all of these songs are just brilliant
  2. AM
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    there's a reason this album was so popular. it was a long awaited album and definitely delivered. I love no. 1 party anthem, mad sounds, and I wanna be yours, and ALL of the songs
  3. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
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  4. Favorite Worst Nightmare
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    classics like Fluorescent Adolescent and 505?!! swoon
  5. Humbug
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    an all around head-banger
  6. and special edition, their EP Leave Before the Lights Come On
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    !! Baby I'm Yours ?!!!!!??!? 💕💕💕
  7. but honestly, all of them are so great and I have enough room in my heart and ears for all of them
  8. thank you, Arctic Monkeys