my incredible first semester of college

mish moshing 4 months into a list
  1. I flew across an ocean and landed in Dublin, where I would study for 4 months for my first semester of college!!
    Dublin the land of rain, good food, and friendly people!
  2. also home to the famous Guinness! as one irish men said to us 18 year old Americans, "God bless ye livers"
  3. While we were there, our school took us to all the corners of Ireland!
  4. like the west, with the cliffs of moher, Aran Islands, Killarney fjord, and endless rainbows
    the cliffs...jaw dropping
  5. fjord
  6. Biking around Inis moor
  7. and to the north, in beautiful Belfast, Giant's Causeway, and the town of free Derry
  8. Giant's Causeway!
  9. and finally to the south, in Cork
  10. we also went on cool hikes and saw countless more cliffs
    come on Ireland, you're killing me!
  11. it was every photographer's dream!
  12. best of all I even got to visit other beautoful cities in Europe with my loveliest friends !
  13. like Amsterdam,
  14. Paris!
  15. London!
  16. Rome!
  17. Florence!
  18. and Venice!
  19. the past four months have truly been the best experiences of my life so far and I'm so excited for what the future holds!
  20. it sounds crazy and naive and maybe an unhealthy level of optimism, but I'm crossing my fingers!
  21. Don't let me down Boston!