1. age 6: a star researcher
    someone who looked through a telescope at stars and connected them to make constellations. little did i know that they were already done thousands of years ago by some greeks
  2. age 8-10: a veterinarian
    this dream was squashed as soon as i realized i had to take care of horses
  3. age 12: ansel adams
    I saw his pictures once in a McDonald's and my dad told me about him traveling and taking pictures of waterfalls. I wanted to be featured at a McDonald's for the longest time
  4. age 13: Doctor
    I hopped on the train that everyone wanted to be. I think I was more in it for the humanitarian effort.
  5. age 15:
    I had no idea what I wanted to do. it was rough but I fell in love with English that year
  6. age 16:
    I found out about journalism. traveling and helping and telling stories sounds wonderful. except for the part that I suck at writing
  7. age 16.5:
    Spider-Man's job (a photojournalist)
  8. age 17:
    now, I'm torn between so many things while applying for college. for personal reference I'm going to make a list of the things I want to be. journalist. photojournalist. film director. cinematographer (director of photography). art curator.