and the series finale is tonight !! so tune in bc we would LOVE to get a season 3
  1. the music!! it's beautiful and if you listen closely between scenes they use reprises from previous songs
    Alan Menken aka Disney genius!!
  2. the new season 2 album is out on iTunes with a whole orchestra ! 😍
  3. great love songs like "Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever" and lyrics like "maybe you won't die alone"
  4. great song parodies off of les mis, grease, west side story!
  5. a beautiful and talented and DIVERSE cast !!
    with gorgeous voices
  6. Joshua Sasse! Karen David! Timothy Omundson! Ben Presley! Mallory Jansen! Vinnie Jones!
  7. with guest stars like John Stamos!
  8. and Weird Al!
  9. ALSO with the beautiful medieval wardrobe!!!
  10. more medieval dress
  11. did I mention it's hilarious?!
  12. tune in!!