Why I Get Up Every Morning

10 Reasons To Keep Going
  1. Strawberry Twizzlers
    The perfect candy
  2. Records
    Collecting and listening to records just adds to my love of music.
  3. Baseball
    Opening day is my favorite day of each year. The final day of each baseball season is heartbreaking.
  4. Board Games
    There's nothing like sitting at a table and playing a board game with friends.
  5. Classic Television
    There's some really great stuff on now but I'll always prefer Perry Mason and The Twilight Zone.
  6. Bacon
    Nothing needs to be said about bacon.
  7. Sunshine
    I feed on sunlight. Overcast days are a struggle.
  8. Classic Movies
    I can't imagine my life without Turner Classic Movies On Demand.
  9. My Cat
    She's the best.
  10. Mexican Coke
    Delicious Coke in a cold glass bottle, pure perfection.