I doubt I'll ever actually write them, they're just ideas I think I could write about if I had to. (I'll probably add to this as they come to me)
  1. A spy novel about a deaf spy that has always been overshadowed by his brother.
    Life would be hard as a deaf spy, but he thinks he could make it work
  2. The story of a runner thinking philosophically during a marathon. Thinking about his fear of life passing him by, his newfound appreciation for the little things in life, his regrets, and his plans now that he has thought it through
    Chapters could be different mile markers as he works toward a goal he barely remembers actually setting.
  3. A story told from the perspective of someone's favorite leather jacket. How it only gets out every Friday night, how it can sense the person's mood as soon as they slide into the sleeves, and how it avoids getting knocked out of "rotation" by ruining the other jackets.
    Everyone has a favorite jacket, but no one tells their story
  4. The story of a tree in a field that lives to be over 200 years old. Each chapter would be a highlight of it's life; a moment of joy it witnesses, the beginning of a friendship, a proposal, kids playing hide-and-seek, that sort of things
  5. A 20-year-old looking back at the best times from just childhood. Things like his first baseball game, his first prom, things he might regret, the calm time before high school complicated things.
  6. The inner thoughts of a rapper who is finally alone for the first time in years and realizes how much he hates the "character" he plays. How he dreams of a normal life but is deathly afraid of ever telling someone
  7. A Harry Potter sequel about the life of an American wizard living in modern times. He could go to a wizarding "public" school and it would be hilarious. Imagine a review jeopardy game with magic, most of the book would be stuff like that.
  8. Why I love soccer and how it's changed my life
    Every little thing and how it has impacted me