Conversations I've screenshotted

Just know that I still go back to read these, been in my drafts for a while but I thought it was kinda nice
  1. When she first invited me to Summit
  2. When she suggested we hang out and finish the HP marathon
  3. She reads my li.sts
  4. The day I asked her out
  5. Asking about our first date
  6. After our first date
  7. After I posted the "Things I wish I had done earlier"
  8. She is, in fact, a sucker for cliches
  9. After I made "Reasons I think I would make a good boyfriend"
  10. After I sent her a and a playlist on her Birthday
  11. She was distraught
  12. Of course I have post notifications, they are my favorite posts
  13. She was glad to hear from me, and she was my only link to the outside world
  14. I think she missed me
  15. The "Things I like about Leila" didn't creep her out like I was afraid it might
  16. Asking about our second date
  17. I didn't get a chance to say it in person
  18. After our second date
  19. She is, in fact, a cute mess
  20. It doesn't cost anything to try to make someone's day
  21. Sometimes everyone needs a little positivity
  22. This one is pretty self-explanatory
  23. Before and after our third date
  24. It was a good day
  25. It's one of my favorite lists too
  26. I don't know why but it was so satisfying to see boyfriend written out like that
  27. Each. Day. Gets. Better.
  28. Cheesy and adorable sums it up pretty well
  29. 💯%
  30. 2 months
  31. Really happy
  32. "Couples who bake😍😍"