I've done some cool things
  1. Snorkeling on an island off of Barbados
  2. Went down a huge slide at an 85 degree angle in Puerto Rico
  3. Laid in an eno at the top of Lookout Mountain
  4. 3 day camping trip up in the mountains
  5. Cliff jumping in Aruba
  6. Snorkeling in a tide pool in Aruba
  7. 4-wheeling through the dessert of Aruba
  8. Caught crawfish with my bare hands in a creek
  9. Rode a 45-foot-tall zip line
  10. Deep sea fishing on Lake Michigan
  11. Kayaking at Bald Head Island
  12. Got lost exploring Barbados in a Moak (A moak is a car with not roof, doors, or windows)
    We almost got mugged but it was exciting
  13. Rode roller coasters and a luge in Whistler, Canada
  14. Explored the market of Seattle
  15. Swam in crystal clear water in Aruba
  16. Been one of 2 guests at a giant amusement park and rode roller coasters for hours with no line
  17. Go carting for my birthday
  18. Got to pet giraffes
  19. Got to see the sea lions show in the St Louis Zoo
  20. Shopping on Rodeo Drive
  21. Went to a rodeo in Colorado
  22. Shopping on 5th avenue
  23. Saw live filming of the Today show
  24. Ice skating at 30 rock
  25. Ice skating at Central Park
  26. Ate a chocolate-covered deep-fried hot dog in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  27. Subway ride to the Bronx and back
    We were going to the botanical gardens but got lost and ended up just taking a subway ride for an hour and a half
  28. Stayed in Waldorf Astoria on 5th avenue twice
  29. Slept under giant aquarium tank in Atlanta Aquarium
  30. Went to the Varsity in downtown Atlanta
  31. Got to swim on a rooftop pool in Fort Lauderdale
  32. Rode the ferry at Bald Head Island
  33. Spent Halloween on the beach at Kiawah
  34. Made homemade pizza in Kiawah
  35. Ate homemade tacos in Santa Barbara
  36. Rode all of the roller coasters at Carowinds
  37. Learned how to gut a fish at Camp
  38. Saw the Rockefeller tree at Christmastime
  39. Explored the Met in NYC
  40. Swam with sea turtles
    In Barbados
  41. Canoeing in Canada
  42. Horse-drawn sleigh in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  43. Got through a blizzard in Yellowstone National Park
  44. Catamaran in both Barbados and Aruba
  45. Saw the Statue of Liberty
  46. Played bubble soccer
  47. Cherry-Blossom festival in Washington DC
  48. White House Tour
  49. Went to the top of the Arch in St Louis
  50. Rode a Ski Lift in Colorado and Canada
  51. Went to a St Louis Cardinals game
  52. Saw the Rockettes live
  53. Saw Wicked on Broadway
  54. Saw the Lion King on Broadway
  55. Disney Cruise in the Carribean
  56. Train from NYC to Saratoga Springs
  57. Went to Disney world
  58. Used an all-inclusive pass to Chicago Aquarium to see everything there in under 2 hours
  59. Got to pet a sting ray at Chicago Aquarium
  60. Polo match in Santa Barbara
  61. Got lost on the streets of Aruba
  62. Ate homemade ravioli in Chicago down the street from a huge concert
  63. Watched every home basketball game Davidson played with Steph Curry
  64. Saw a monster truck rally
  65. Saw the Eagles in concert
  66. Saw John Legend in concert
  67. Saw Maroon 5 in concert
  68. Got to go to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago
  69. Sail boating in Santa Barbara
  70. Santa Monica Pier, got to ride the roller coaster
  71. Saw Alan Jackson in concert
  72. Saw Darius Rucker in concert
  73. Took a limo to see a town covered in Christmas lights
  74. Memorized the poem Invictus
  75. Saw a live soccer game in Valencia
  76. Rooftop restaurant over the city of Barcelona
  77. Flamenco show in an abandoned bull fighting ring
  78. Flamenco show done by gypsies in a cave
  79. Went to the top of the rock of Gibraltar
  80. Petted the macaques of Gibraltar
  81. Explored Las Ramblas market in Barcelona
  82. Tour of El Alahambra palace in Granada
  83. Saw La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  84. Scavenger hunt through the streets of Granada
  85. Saw how authentic olive oil was made and got to sample the award-winning batches
  86. Shopping in Sevilla
  87. Chocolate and churros at a night market in Madrid
  88. Tour of a mosque turned church in Córdoba
  89. Tried ox-tail in Córdoba
  90. Top of a giant clock tower above Sevilla
  91. Dolphin show at the aquarium in Valencia