Idk I think they'd be funny
  1. Partner ted talk from anxious people who have never had success
    Low key depressed but want to help others
  2. Homeless man trying to share his "wisdom"
    Mostly false info
  3. Spies arguing in the middle of an intense mission
    Trying to be stealthy but can't stay focused
  4. Cops arguing during an interrogation
    Letting their guard down, start disregarding the suspect
  5. Movie reviewers on a YouTube channel with less than 100 subscribers
    Really amateur, bad at editing
  6. Dentist appointment
    Often with a talkative dentist or a depressed dentist
  7. Middle school dance
    Like REALLY awkward
  8. Mike Tyson recruiting people for a spy program
    Secret agency, but he can't pronounce the letter "S"
  9. "Street thugs" that are all talk
    Keep asking each other to "swing first"
  10. Gun salesman with a fear of bullets
    Wants to sell guns, hates to see them fired
  11. Pawn shop at 3 in the morning
    This one could go many different ways
  12. Tattoo artist with a fear of needles
    Pretty self explanatory
  13. Alcoholic at a kids birthday party
    "Go nuts"
  14. Personal trainer with anger issues
    "I said JUMP those JACKs"
  15. Mugging a kid that cares only about his outfit
    "Take my money, watch the kicks"
  16. Juggling partners that forgot their balls
    This could go a few different ways
  17. Local news reporting on stuff that shouldn't be news
    "Local man lost his bananas, please call the number on your screen if you see them"
  18. Figure skaters with no experience
    Skating in competition, no rehearsal
  19. An introvert and an extrovert going to a concert together
    This could be really funny
  20. Clown at a local carnival afraid of mirrors, and cop trying to get him to leave the house of mirrors
  21. Roommates arguing about the right way to make cereal
    "Always pour the cereal first!"
  22. Two people that just got dumped out on a date together
    "Yeah I got left at the altar too!"
  23. Annoying waiter trying to trick couple into buying more food
    "But you're gonna want dessert RIGHT!"
  24. Best Buy salesman trying to get people to go shop somewhere else
    "Honestly just buy this at Walmart instead"
  25. Gucci mane playing 2k at his house
    Just Gucci Mane
  26. Football player who gets a concussion and starts acting like Robert De Niro
    And a doctor that can't figure out why
  27. Guy drags his girlfriend to Bowling world championships
    And he's like really into it
  28. Guy trying to fire a gardener that only speaks Spanish
    But the gardener won't leave, and he's also holding sharpened hedge trimmers
  29. Gym teacher with anger issues
    "You WILL climb that rope Timmy"
  30. Self-centered hair dresser
    "I don't CARE about your problems"
  31. Pilots with a fear of heights
    Trying to fly the plane without looking down
  32. Suburban dad telling his kids he's going on tour with Kanye
  33. Hipster telling his friends he actually likes popular music
    Sounds like he's coming out, but it's not really a big deal
  34. Cowboy telling a story to "city slickers"
    Trying to be bad ass, realizes they don't care about rodeo high scores
  35. Kanye West interview with Ellen
    He's insane
  36. Undercover cop mugging an undercover cop to gain the mafias trust
  37. Guy doing terrible spoken-word poetry to impress a girl
  38. Suburban dad lecturing his son about grilling meats
    In Home Depot
  39. Newly divorced woman takes her friend on a hunting trip using the prize her now ex-husband won
    With a fear of guns
  40. Kids at their grandparents church bingo
    And they hate it
  41. College students debating their favorite flavor of ramen noodles
    "But it's got bacon!"
  42. Crafts teacher at the YMCA
    Trying to teach knitting but they don't know how
  43. Creepy guy comparing pillow consistency in Ikea
    And an employee asking him to leave
  44. Marshawn Lynch press conference
    "I'm just here so I don't get fined"
  45. Gourmet cook that's running out of ideas
    Starts making food no one wants to eat
  46. Surgeon with shaky hands and assistant with anxiety
    Assistant is too afraid to ask if he's doing it right
  47. College professor with amnesia
    Can't remember what he just taught, but students want him to forget assigning a paper
  48. Bumbling bank employee that keeps misplacing his keys
    And his boss who can't believe they're locked out of the vault
  49. The joker discovering his true passion is those make-up tutorials on Instagram
    And a cop checking his feed while involved in a high-speed pursuit
  50. Computer hacker with trust issues, forced to mentor a teenager who's always on Twitter
  51. Priest and his son who is constantly live streaming
  52. Satan offering deal to mischievous child of a millionaire who already has everything
  53. Librarian confronting adult about overdue books from decades ago
    "You owe 32,000 dollars"
  54. Veterinarian who brought an injured cat to a date
    "But his paw was hurting!"
  55. Bartender who wants to lock up but people keep coming back for more
    "I don't care that you're 21!"
  56. Uber driver that threatens the rider to ensure that he rates 5 stars
    "Show me the rating!"
  57. Man mugging a blind gas-station clerk
  58. Mafia member mugging a theater kid that pretends they're in West Side Story
    Can't stop singing show tunes
  59. Cam Newton working at an ice cream place trying to get people to come to Panthers games
  60. Two office workers sharing an elevator after one tried to close the doors and leave without the other
    Or basically any scene in an elevator