What is love?
  1. Love is when you are just as happy doing nothing with a person as you are going on crazy adventures with that person
  2. Love is ordering a large order of fries because you know they'll have some even if they say they won't
  3. Love is staying up incredibly late texting someone even if you know you'll be so tired the next day.
  4. Love is looking at something beautiful or creative or funny and thinking of that person
  5. Love is wishing they were around so that you could share some moment of your day with them
  6. Love is thinking of cool date ideas they'll enjoy at random times during daily life
  7. Love is not about finding a person you don't argue with, it's about finding a person who you don't mind arguing with
  8. Love is caring enough to ask questions and keep conversations going, simply because you want to know more about this person
  9. Love is sharing music and finding that someone's opinion changes the way you think about something
  10. Love is having good news and knowing exactly who you want to tell first
  11. Love is when you spend long enough with someone that you start using their phrases in other conversations
  12. Love is looking back on how you became who you became and knowing a person changed you for the better
  13. Love is caring so much about a person that you aren't afraid to share your feelings with the world
  14. Love is that feeling of warmth in your chest when you think of them, and the butterflies in your stomach when you talk to them
  15. Love is when that person is the only thing on your mind, that helps you get through physical, mental, and/or emotional fatigue.
  16. Love is never ever wanting to do anything to hurt somebody because you know that they deserve the best.
  17. Love is cherishing every time they laugh, and focusing on it to remember when they're not around.
  18. Love is what makes you do stupid things even if you normally act smart
  19. Love is what heals and breaks hearts
  20. Love is late night trips for tacos for no reason
  21. Love is not searching for the perfect person, but finding someone close that you want to be around and wanting to spend all available time with them
  22. Love is finding someone more important than your sleep or free time
  23. Love is holding hands on Saturday morning dates and noticing that person shines brighter in your eyes than the sun
  24. Love is finding someone as crazy about something as you
  25. Love is giving up your umbrella because you want to see them happy
  26. Love is texting first, or texting back as soon as possible just because you care and want to talk to them
  27. Love is giving up your jacket because you can't stand to see them cold
  28. Love is planning meals for 2 because you know without asking that they'll be in
  29. Love is keeping track of relationship milestones because you want to remember every wonderful memory
  30. Love is thinking of thoughtful gifts because you want to see that joy in their eyes
  31. Love is stalking their Instagram because pictures of them are your favorite thing
  32. Love is watching movies "together" even if you can't be together
  33. Love is planning your day around when you'll get to see them
  34. Love is putting way too much thought into every text because you want to make their day
  35. Love is using that person as motivation to get up in the morning
  36. Love is thinking of that person when you go to sleep
  37. Love is that warm feeling you get when you make their day
  38. Love is when seeing that person is the highlight of your week
  39. Love is sharing every part of your day with them and knowing they'll do the same in return
  40. Love is thinking of jokes specifically for that person because their laugh is music to your ears
  41. Love is holding hands at football games
  42. Love is bringing 2 of something because you know they'll like one too
  43. Love is commenting hearts on each other's Instagram posts
  44. Love is thinking of that person when you look at your favorite flower
  45. Love is wanting to share every beautiful moment with someone
  46. Love is constantly wanting to learn more about someone
  47. Love is listening to rants even if there's no reason for you to care about it
  48. Love is remembering little details about them because you are so interested in them
  49. Love is when a song reminds you of a memory with that person, so you listen to it on repeat to get lost in it
  50. Love is when their opinions make you see things in a whole new way
  51. Love is when you get butterflies in your stomach no matter how many times you've talked to them before
  52. Love is making their text tone the happiest sound because their texts are the most important
  53. Love is screenshotting your favorite conversations because they never cease to make you smile
  54. Love is singing duets together and belting it out whether you're a good singer or not
  55. Love is sticking by them through good times and bad
  56. Love is those pet names that make them light up with happiness
  57. Love is doing stuff you don't want to do, just cause you know it'll make them happy
  58. Love is good morning texts because you want them to know you care
  59. Love is when you can sense their mood by how they react when they see you
  60. Love is that spark of electricity when your eyes meet
  61. Love is turning on post notifications because their posts are the most important ones
  62. Love is having someone to sing about
  63. Love is meticulously planning so that everything works out perfectly
  64. Love is caring for that person no matter the circumstances
  65. Love is caring for them no matter the consequences
  66. Love is when a beautiful lyric brings a picture of them to the front of your mind
  67. Love is when one perfect conversation can make you smile when you think of them for weeks
  68. Love is when you hug them with all your might, as if they are the most important part of your life.
  69. Love is doing everything in your power to cheer them up when they're feeling low
  70. Love is taking mental notes on their expressions and mannerisms because you want to cherish every second they're with you
  71. Love is mentally rehearsing conversations because you know what they'll say and you love them even more for it.
  72. Love is a study date in the afternoon sunshine
  73. Love is when you don't want the day to end
  74. Love is stealing glances of their smile because it's your favorite thing in the world
  75. Love is when two hands fit together perfectly
  76. Love is sharing an eno and feeling so comfortable you feel like you could lay there forever