Some cliche obstacles I thought about while running. Mostly apply to life too
  1. Complacency
    If you're not getting better, you're getting worse. Other people are always working harder so complacency can be dangerous. If it's worth doing, it's probably worth putting effort into it.
  2. Attitude
    There's one thing that all winners have in common. Attitude. It takes a winning attitude to win. A championship mentality to be champion. A certain level of focus to reach an objective. You can't hope to be average to become something better, it takes an attitude.
  3. Hard work
    There's a mental block in everything people do. It's not a coincidence that some people overcome that block. It's hard work.
  4. Tools
    Not physical tools, but the ability to visualize what you're about to do, and to do it. The ability to let instinct take over and get the job done. If you don't have the right tools there's no way you can win.
  5. Chemistry
    You can't win if you can't get along with your team. You have to know each of them and their strengths and weaknesses and capabilities. You have to know what you're doing and work as a unit, or you don't stand a chance.
  6. Focus
    It has to be on the matter at hand. The game itself. The fundamentals. If you're not mentally focused, you lost before the game ever started. Soccer takes a certain level of mental toughness, and a maximum level of focus. You have to keep your cool and you have to funnel anger and frustration into progress. It's a mental game.