Once again, just something I think about
  1. I'm a good listener
  2. I'm a good hugger (when I wasn't injured)
    I'll still try, it just might hurt (a lot)
  3. I occasionally make good jokes/puns
    I think they're good, at least
  4. I'll think of creative date ideas
    I have made a li.st about this
  5. I'm like, incredibly honest
    I pretty much always tell the truth, like 99% of the time. I don't really keep secrets because I don't really lie. Idk I think it's kind of a good quality.
  6. I'm good at keeping secrets
    Not good at lying, necessarily, but good at keeping secrets
  7. I can be pretty thoughtful
    I try to remember things about people
  8. I'll bring food
    Good food
  9. I'm not a good dancer/singer but I'll still try
    I'm not talented, but I've got effort
  10. I try to always be prepared
    For example, here's what I bring to school: 2 water bottles, a portable charger, deodorant, a comb, acne medication, my APWH book, an umbrella, a jacket, mints, gum, and my wallet
  11. I bet I'd be good with parents
    I don't actually know, I've never had a girlfriend
  12. I'll recommend good music
    I think it's good, at least
  13. I can be sentimental
    I can keep track of relationship milestones
  14. I'm pretty fast (when I'm not injured)
    Short distance or long distance, I am very fast
  15. I'm pretty strong (when I'm not injured)
    I do a lot of weightlifting, so if that ever comes in handy, I'm happy to help
  16. I love hiking
    If you're down to hike, so am I
  17. I have good advice
    I think so, at least
  18. I have two cute dogs
    One of them is a puppy, but they are both, like, really cute.
  19. I'll compliment you
    A lot
  20. I'm down for lunch, a walk, or a study date pretty much all the time
    Especially now that I'm injured
  21. I can make scarves
    If you like scarves, I have the ability to make them
  22. My house is pretty cool
    I've got lots of pets and TVs and it's a good place to hammock or take pictures, plus I've got fast wifi
  23. I'm good at tech support
    If you need help fixing/setting up a TV/cellphone/computer/website/wifi/speaker/keyboard/anything Bluetooth/iPad/projector/etc., I've got it covered
  24. I'm good at researching purchases
    I'm good at deciphering good phones/headphones/shoes/computers/speakers/TVs/etc. from bad ones
  25. I love The Office
    Down to watch it anytime
  26. I'm good at motivating people
  27. I know a lot about a lot of things
    If you have a question, I'll probably have an answer
  28. I love to travel
  29. I'll take care of you when you get sick
  30. I won't cheat
    This I can guarantee
  31. Seriously, I have TWO cute dogs
    And a horse and a bunny (that walks on a leash) , which are both really cute too
  32. I know a lot of Frank Sinatra as well as a lot of Chance the Rapper
    This isn't very helpful, necessarily, but I thought it was worth mentioning
  33. I have Spotify Premium
    This one, on the other hand, is helpful
  34. Seriously, I'm like so honest
    I'm pretty upfront with everything
  35. I'll take pictures of you
    As in, like, a lot of pictures. For years I've seen photo opportunities and had no one to take pics of. Bottom line: I'll take lots of pics of you