Screenshots On My Phone, Explained

  1. Andy from The Office
  2. Non-inspirational quote
  3. These Bape Nmds sell for around $1,000 but I think they're pretty ugly
  4. I memorized Invictus cause it's my favorite poem
  5. This is the truest thing the internet contains
  6. Everyone gets patriotic for the Olympics
  7. Dylan was a little off-guard
  8. My arm was VERY broken
  9. Dylan edited this himself, and I found it on his Instagram from 4 years ago
  10. Inspirational quote I made
  11. This quote just deserved to be put on a picture
  12. I listen to this every day in the hopes that it is correct
  13. Motivation
  14. Casey played a drug addict in our health project. He was pretty convincing
  15. I was in a hat contest in NY with my cousins. I was 11.
  16. The motto
  17. These Jordan 1 "banned" are the most popular and important basketball shoes of all time, they marked the beginning of "sneaker culture"
  18. Dumbledore was secretly a bad dude
  19. This dude has more game in his sideburns than I will ever have
    Like a gargantuan amount of game
  20. The motto
  21. Ebenhoeh needed a definition
  22. "Has God left us?"