Some very vivid moments I've experienced, both good and bad
  1. That moment when you prepare to get tackled so your entire body tenses up just as the contact comes in
    Though sometimes this moment still hurts
  2. That moment when you listen to a new song or album and your brain temporarily goes into shock at the art that you just experienced.
    Only happened a few times but this is a pretty great moment
  3. That moment after the last barn dance of the summer walking Buckets when you get a rush of good memories and just think about all that happened over the summer.
    A little sad but but a vivid moment that culminated in my listening to Summer Friends and just thinking to myself.
  4. That moment when you a door opens and see the most beautiful thing you've ever seen standing right in front of you
    Her name is Leila and this is a common moment but vivid nonetheless
  5. That moment when the ball hits the back of the net and a rush of emotions spills through your head as you run back to your position
    Could be positive or negative, but if the game is important, it's gonna be vivid.
  6. That one moment when the rain hits as you're walking
    Like a wall of water, and it just hits you all at once
  7. That one moment when the paper goes down on your desk facedown and you mentally prepare for the big number on the other side
    Why are grades such a big deal?
  8. That one moment right before you fall asleep listening to your favorite music
    Often on a rainy night, at peace with the world
  9. That one moment when you're brain hears exactly what it wants to hear
    Could be as mundane as "we're getting Chinese food" or as joyous as "I love you"
  10. That one moment when the inner tube flips and the water smacks you like a giant hand
    Joy, laughter, anger, surprise, and fear... all at once
  11. That moment when you get to show off a very specific skill
    Like building a fire, for example
  12. That moment when the sun drops below the horizon and the sky lights up like the most wonderful pink Christmas tree
  13. That moment when you try to fall asleep but you've still got butterflies in your stomach from hours earlier
    I feel this vivid moment a lot
  14. That Christmas morning moment when your heart beats rapidly out of the happiness you've waited for
  15. That moment when you're walking a dog in late October or early November and the leaves are falling around you and though life is chaotic you find a little peace