Things I care a lot about

I'm a passionate person. Here are some things I keep up with because I care about them.
  1. Music
    Particularly rap music, it's constantly evolving and I love how it can make me feel. I also love finding new albums, and putting them on repeat until I'm tired of them.
  2. Shoes
    This may be a weird one, but I found them so interesting and cool. I own more shoes than most people and I know a lOt about Adidas shoes.
  3. Basketball
    Free agency has been nuts. And so much fun to keep up with. It's like if politics were really cool and involved dunks.
  4. Dogs
    Who doesn't love dogs? I mean really.
  5. Adidas
    The brand with the 3 stripes. I so love adidas shoes and cleats and jerseys and I just cannot express it. We've got an inside joke that I'm sponsored by Adidas and man do I wish I was.
  6. The Warriors
    2 Championships in 3 years. 2 consecutive MVPS and a DPOY. A dynasty. I've been watching since they had a losing record with Mark Jackson. And man, are they fun to watch.
  7. Food
    Another weird one but I just love good food. It helps that both of my parents are great cooks but like I love good pasta or pizza or Chinese food but basically just good food.
  8. Chance the Rapper
    He's literally such a good dude. By far my favorite rapper and such a good guy. His charity is giving away 30,000 stuffed backpacks to children this weekend. What did we do to deserve him?
  9. Soccer
    It can get boring, it can get tiring, and it can get downright tough, but man do I love it. With all the hours I've put into soccer, I love it so much when my instincts take over. There is almost nothing like the feeling of scoring a perfect goal.
  10. Marvel movies
    One of the more nerdy things on this list. I'm so many years into them and I love the adrenaline that comes from them and the connections between them. They're so cool and I'm so many movies in I just can't stop myself sometimes.
  11. Leila Wilhelm
    This is my girl. I think about her constantly and I love getting to be around such a wonderful person. I know it's been a little rough lately but god do I love this beautiful person. Thank you for everything, Leila, I know it hasn't been easy but it will get better. Each Day Gets Better. @leilawilhelm12