A little like a bucket list
  1. Go on adventures
  2. Picnic in exotic places
  3. Hike mountains
  4. Road trip
    With good music and better people
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. Make my Instagram look like a travel magazine
  7. Stop caring so much about about grades and tests and papers and stuff
    Doesn't really belong on the list but it is a goal of mine
  8. Try exotic foods on beaches
  9. Go parasailing
  10. Score lots of goals
  11. Read good books
  12. Jam out with friends
  13. Go to a Warriors game
  14. Make more special memories
    Kind of like "go on adventures" but I want to be spontaneous and do things I'll remember
  15. Vacation with friends
  16. Zip line in picturesque places
  17. Spontaneously go hiking/road-tripping/backpacking/ or to a concert
    They're fun when they're planned too but like I want to be spontaneous sometimes