Some actual thoughts I've had
  1. Why do they allow Shaq on TV?
  2. The Wizards are so sad, John Wall deserves better
  3. Triple doubles don't matter for much if you don't win
    @ Russell Westbrook
  4. James Harden deserves the MVP
    They're gonna give it to Russell Westbrook for averaging a triple double but I think the Beard deserves it more
  5. If Tristan Thompson was put in jail for life, I think the world would be a better place
    Such a dirty player
  6. I'm 40% sure Stephen curry is human
    Which means I'm 60% sure he's something else
  7. Lebron is one cocky dude
    Winning or losing he has a constant attitude of disrespect and he'll flop whether it's important or not
  8. I wonder what James Harden would look like without his beard
  9. This is the answer
  10. Does Manu Ginoboli make mistakes?
    I think this answer is actually no
  11. The Clippers are some cocky dudes to have never made a conference finals
    They talk to media like they're gods, then get knocked out by the Jazz
  12. Rudy Gobert is huge, even compared to other NBA players
  13. The Warriors need more Javale McGee!
  14. Tristan Thompson could end up in a coma and I would breathe a sigh of relief
    Such a horrible dude
  15. Seriously, why isn't Javale out there?!
  16. I never thought a day would come where Rajon Rondo would make a team better
  17. Damian Lilliard should've been an all-star, he was robbed
  18. Isaiah Thomas is pretty cocky considering he's 5 foot 9
    He's gone on record saying he believes he's the best player in the world
  19. Greg Popovich is an evil genius
  20. I hope Paul George leaves, he deserves better
    Leads his team in almost all stats and has to watch his team get swept
  21. It still doesn't make sense that Dwight Howard's team made the playoffs
    And a team with Anthony Davis, the All-Star-Game MVP, and Demarcus Cousins didn't
  22. "Playoff Lebron" isn't a thing, he's playing at about the same intensity for more minutes, he's obviously gonna have better stats
    Why does everyone treat him like a god?
  23. Man, the Eastern Conference is so weak
    1 contender and 7 "playoff teams"
  24. If I see one more Mark Wahlberg DirecTV ad, I think I'm gonna lose it
  25. Hilario Nene's hair seems like a liability
  26. Kevin Durant is a monster that can do anything he wants on the court, he's like a human cheat code
  27. Shumpert is the most horrible person I've seen on tv in a while
    I hate... so much
  28. KD is a bad bad man
    That's a compliment