Some rules he didn't know, that I've never seen written down
  1. Double posting
    People don't (usually) post twice in a day. It's an unofficial rule that you don't really do this, no matter how much you like the pictures.
  2. Unnecessary posts
    No one wants to see that unedited pic of graffiti under the bridge. No one wants to see the blurry video of a fire truck that went past your house. No one wants to see the new coffee maker you just bought. If it's not a cool picture and/or a meaningful picture, it doesn't necessarily need to be posted.
  3. Selfies
    Guys. Don't. Post. Selfies. There are guys that do (if girls are in the pic of if they are gay) but generally guys don't post selfies. Girls do, but they're only acceptable if they are different from the other 100,000,000 posts with the caption #selfiesunday
  4. Sunset pics
    Sunsets are wonderful. However unless there is something to differentiate them from the other 20,000 sunset pics on they internet, they don't necessarily need to be posted
  5. Finstas
    More familiar and casual than rinstas, they are often full of inside jokes
  6. Captions
    They can be quotes, inside jokes, song lyrics, puns, or whatever you want. But a pic is often better with a good caption
  7. Timing
    At 2:00 AM and at 2:00 PM, no one will see the post. You get dramatically more likes at better times of the day because more people will see your post